Sunday, April 22, 2012

Passports and Other Miscellaneous Subjects

Another week or so has gone by. I still plunder ruthlessly forth, family-less, tired, and jealous of the twenty or so AFS France-ers who have already gotten their host families. I have not been bored, however. I spent the last week in Florida, hanging out by the beach and, best of all, exploring Harry Potter World in Universal Studios. But now I'm back to California, reveling in the last day of spring break, and, yet again, I lay in wait for the day my host family will chose me.

Besides the fact that most people don't get host families this early, I have found another reason to not have a family. You see, as a citizen of the UK and the US, I don't need a visa - for I can use my British passport. This is all fine and good - but in order to use this British passport, I first must renew it. I'm getting emails from AFS all the time asking where my passport is, but it just wont come! I check the mail every day, and it is fairly stressful. Who knew renewing a passport would take months? What if this is preventing me from getting a host family?

In other news, I only have seven more weeks of school left. Though I'm ecstatic for summer, I am unfortunately aware of the sluggish pace time seems to travel at when one is anticipating a year long trip to France. Seven weeks is minute period of time compared to the nine or so months that the school year consists of. But when I'm this close, so painfully near, minutes take hours, hours take days, and my trip to France taunts me from it's comfortable perch in my seemingly distant future.

Maybe I'll make a countdown chart. Anyway, I must go do my online classes. One of the biggest downfalls to preparing for this trip is, without a doubt, is the online classes I must take. Algebra 2 and Health have consumed by every waking minute that is not spent at school or extra-curriculars, taking me well into the early hours of the morning almost every day.

I'm tired of being a freshman.

Au revoir tout le monde.


  1. I'm with you on the waiting thing. It's only 4 and a half months away, but it seems like forever. :P

  2. Niamh, all of your posts are amazing. It's like I am reading an epic poem... EVERY TIME.

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