Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hi There!

Bonjour! My name is Niamh Doyle from Los Gatos, California, and I'm a freshman at Los Gatos high school. I am in the middle of applying to do foreign exchange in France for a year in 2012 through AFS- American Field Service intercultural student exchange program.

During my stay in France I will be completely immersed in French culture- from food, lifestyle, school, to language; France will become my way of life for ten months. I am very passionate about this experience. The benefits of exploring the world, trying new things, and experiencing different cultures are alluring to me in a way that I cannot explain. It will surely be an eye-opening experience that will change me as a person, as well as my knowledge of the world and my experience with different cultures. It will allow me to grow as an individual, as well as experience independence and growth in a world I know nearly nothing about.

However, this experience-of-a-lifetime does not come cheap. In the year until my departure I will scrape together as much money as possible to help pay for the trip. Any contributions would be greatly appreciated! I intend to create many opportunities in which I will raise money such as sales, various jobs, and more! But for now, this blog is the first step. No amount is too small, and it would be great if you could contribute! To sponsor my AFS program now, please click the ChipIn button. Merci beaucoup!